Vol.68, No.4 Contents

Welcoming New Employees
    3 Operating Experience of Dissolving Kraft Pulp ......Yoshifumi Horisaki
    7 Operating Experience of Canvas Cleaning Equipment ......Kanichiro Kadoya
   12 Quality Control of Converting Paper for Food Container
......Tadashi Matsuzaki and Yuichi Kaminuma
   16 Improvement of Frost Resistance of Concrete by Pulp Addition
......Yuki Kamiya, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Soichi Takahashi, Shinichi Yamada,
Keita Shimonakamura and Yoshitaka Koshimura
   21 Lime Kiln Capacity Upgrade and Optimizing Its Operation ......Koji Nigorikawa
   25 Design of New Retention Aid Polymer
......Goichi Hayashida, Naho Murata, Yoshimi Yoshioka and Yukiko Minegishi
   30 Water Based Barrier Agent for Food Packaging Paper,“EXCEVAL
......Yosuke Kumaki, Masako Kawagoe and Shigeki Takada
   34 Optimization for Reject System of Stock Preparation by Combisorter
......Masamori Tanaka
   38 Biology and Management of Nuisance Midges(Diptera:Chironomidae)in Paper Mills
......Goro Kimura and Masahiko Konishi
   40 Profit Creation and the Process Stability Operation System Construction
......Kazuo Ikeda
   65 The History of Paper Machine Development:100 Years from Robert's Invention
      Part1:The Invention of Paper Machines, Fourdrinier and Cylinder Mould
......Kiyoaki Iida
Research Report(Original Paper)
   76 Introduction of High Performance Activated Sludge
......Masayuki Watanabe, Keiko Fujita, Miyuki Nakagawa and Hitoshi Okada
Pulp and Paper Mills (53)
   91 North Pacific Paper Corporation ......North Pacific Paper Corporation
   03 Committee report
   74 Essay on Intellectual Property
   75 Coffee break
   97 Papyrus
  100 Industry News
  103 List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
  105 List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication
  115 Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
  116 Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center
  118 Other Monthly Statistics
  120 News from the Association