Vol.68, No.1 Contents

    1 New Year's Speech ……Kazufumi Yamasaki
The Special Issue of the 56th ― 2013 JAPAN TAPPI
Annual Meeting in HAMAMATSU
    4 General Review of the 56th ― 2013 JAPAN TAPPI Annual Meeting at HAMAMATSU
……Planning Subcommittee, JAPAN TAPPI
   14 Keynote Speech
        56th ― 2013 JAPAN TAPPI Annual Meeting in Hamamatsu
        ― Accelerate Reforms and Find New Opportunities for Growth―
……Kazufumi Yamasaki
   22 Lecture by Winner of 2012 JAPAN TAPPI Prize
   24  A Visit to Shimada Mill & Mishima Mill―Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd.―
   28  List of Exhibitors & Exhibits 2013
Technical Report
   32  The Present Condition of the“AOKI CLEANER”in the Paper Manufacture
     Industry ―Blade Type Canvas Cleaner― ……Narihiro Ohtaka
   37 Simplified and Energy Saving of Screen System ―MaxFlow Screen Series―
……Kazumi Fujita
   45 Manufacturing and Application of Nanocellulose
……Go Banzashi, Yasutomo Noishiki, Yuichi Noguchi, Takayuki Shimaoka, Katsuhito Suzuki and Yoshiyuki Asayama
   49 Economics of Ethanol Production in a Repurposed Kraft Pulp Mill
……Yoshikazu Ninomiya, Richard Phillips, Hasan Jameel and Hou-min Chang
   54 Thermal Spray Coating onto the Shell of Yankee Dryer and the Operating
    Experience of PMT4 Tissue Machine ……Keiichi Furikado
   58 Practical Use of the Camera Type On-Line Formation Sensor for the
     Improvement of Sheet Formation ……Junji Yamamot
   62 Numerical Analysis of Fountain Coating Applicator
……Yousuke Ozeki and Masaru Yasuhara
   68 Reinforcement Constructions of Niigata Sheet Finishing Machines ……Yuichi Hokari
   77  Plant Design and Operational Performance of RPF and Wood-Chip Co-Firing
      ―Concern for Environment and Reduction of Fossil-Fuel Consumption―
……Masahito Sugimura
   03 Committee report
   84 Papyrus
   88 Industry News
   91 List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
   93 List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication
  101 Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
  102 Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center
  104 Other Monthly Statistics
  106 News from the Association