Vol.67, No.8  Contents

    1  Report of 19th Pulping Seminar ......Pulp Technical Committee, JAPAN TAPPI
    3  Current State and View in the Future of Domestic Forest ......Kusuo Akahori
    7  Global Woodchip Demand and China Impact ......Shoji Yabe
   10  Andritz Biomass Technology for Cost Reduction and New Business
......Kanji Hagiwara
   15  TMP and CTMP Solution for a Sustainable Future ......Akifumi Hatta
   19  Suggestions of Measures to Quality Losses of Recycled Waste-Paper
......Kazumi Fujita
   26  The Approach to the Deteriorated Kraft Pulping Plant ......Wataru Nakamura
   30  Establishment of Kiln Calcination Capability Reinforcement Construction and Its Operation Method
......Tadashi Horiuchi
   34  Quality Accident and Countermeasure Due to Pulp Equipment FRP Deterioration
......Nobuo Oikawa
   38  The Fire Measure at Wood Chip Handling Process ......Shinpei Miyake
   43  Lignocellulose ―Releasing of Environmental Factors and Sequential Functionalization―
......Tadashi Horiuchi
Topics & Information
   49  Basic Lecture of Paper Board(3)
        Used Paper Recycling in the Paper Making Process
......Akihiro Yamamori and Taku Uchiumi
   59  Corporate Profile & Product Information(4)
        TOKUDEN Co., LTD.
Introduction of Research Laboratories(95)
   64  Laboratory of Imaging Materials, Optical and Imaging Science & Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Tokai University
Research Report (Original Paper)
   68  Strength Properties of Wet-Combination Paper
......Takushi Sakaemura and Tatsuo Yamauchi
   81  Development of Imaging Materials for Electronic Paper by Using I/O Values
......Ryohei Nakazawa, Ryo Tanizaki, Motochika Yukawa and Shuichi Maeda
Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan (48)
   97  Takaoka Mill, Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.
......Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.
   03  Committee report
   66  Essay on Intellectual Property
   67  Coffee break
  104  Papyrus
  107  Industry News
  112  List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
  114  List of Patents issued and Laid―open Publication
  121  Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
  124  Other Monthly Statistics
  126  News from the Association