Vol.67, No.2 Contents

Topics & Information
    1 Characterization of Eucalypt Elite Trees for Pulp Production in Northern Brazil
......Yujiroh Fukuda, Tomotaka Shinya, Eiji Iwata, Kazunori Hayashi, Shinichi Onogi
and Akiyoshi Kawaoka
    7 Optimization of the Condition in the Press Section ......Ryosuke Kobayashi
   13 The Present Condition of the“AOKI CLEANER”in the Paper Manufacture Industry
       -Blade Type Canvas Cleaner- ......Narihiro Ohtaka
   19 Introduction of Raumaster Finishing System ......Masashi Shibaki
   24 The Countermeasures for Reduction of the Fuel Consumption in Lime Kiln
......Hideto Suzuki
   30 High-Efficiency and Power-Saving Closed Condensate Recovery System
       -High Efficiency Control Method of Once-Through Boilers in Multiple Installation and Closed Condensate Recovery System for Small Once-Through Boilers-
......Masahiko Murakami and Tomohiro Okubo
   37 Improvement of Existing Wastewater Treatment Facilities with Microbial Products and Chemicals to Control Offensive Odor
......Kenji Hayashi
   42 SUCCESS FORMER Started-Up for 2Ply Lightweight Linerboard
......Chen Jun and Masahito Mukai
   46 The New Internal Sizing Agent for Paperboard as an Alternative to Rosin Materials
......Junichi Hogouri
   50 On-line Drainage Meter in the Forming Section
       -Introduction of“FiberScanFIX”- ......Masaru Futaba
   57 Possibilities of Optical Sensors
       -Consideration on the Functions and Applications-
......Keijiro Suzuki, Takuya Maekawa, Ryohei Watanabe and Yoshio Ishitsu
Introduction of Research Laboratories(92)
   62 D Laboratory of Forest Chemistry, Research Group of Forest Resource Science, Division of Environmental Resources, Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
Research Report (Original Paper)
   66 Development of High Quality Porous Fillers(PartT)
       -Study of the Effect of Particle Properties of Porous Fillers on Bulkiness and Opacity of Paper-
......Manabu Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Wakasa and Hitoshi Okada
Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan(43)
   80 Gifu Plant, Special Materials Business Group, Tokushu Tokai Paper, Co., Ltd.
......Tokushu Tokai Paper, Co., Ltd.
   03 Committee report
   64 Essay on Intellectual Property
   65 Coffee break
   86 Papyrus
   90 Industry News
   94 List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
   96 List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication
  103 Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
  104 Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center
  106 Other Monthly Statistics
  108 News from the Association