Vol. 66, No. 8  Contents

Papermaking TechnologyT
      1  Opening Address of the 17th Papermaking Technical Seminar ……Kiyotaka Shindo
      2  Trends of the Printing Market and“SMATRIX2020”, a Vision for the Printing Industry
……Wataru Oshima
     12  Trends in Coated Paper
……Takehiro Yoshimatsu, Masanori Kawashima and Fuminari Nonomura
     17  Extended Applications of Advanced Coating Technologies
            ―ValSizer and OptiLayer― ……Kousuke Tano
     24  Polyurethane Cover for Applicator Roll
          ―High Top Roll― ……Hiroya Shimazaki
     29  Operating Experience of PM N6with On―Machine Coating ……Masaki Akemura
     34  Latest Technology Trend in Electrophotographic Copier, Printer and Its Quality Demand
          for the Paper
……Masaki Akemura
     40  Analysis of Defferent Premetering Techniques by Surface Sizing
          ―TWINTM Sizer, HSM and TWINTM Sizer, Gravure Developed
          by UMV Coating Systems AB―
……Mitsuhiro Yamazaki
     48  Cover Coat Materials for Coater Section ……Kazuya Tange
     54  Operating Experience of PM N10 ……Tsuyoshi Ohkita
     59  Operation Experience of Blade Coater ……Masaru Kaneko
Introduction of Research Laboratories(89)
     64  Area of Environmentally Compatible Polymers, Department of Environmental
          and Biological Chemistry, Fukui University of Technology
    ……Tomohiro Kaneko and Yasukuni Tanaka
Research Report (Original Paper)
     67  Paper Gloss Analysis by Specular Reflection Point Spread Function
          ―Measurement Method for PSF of Paper on Specular Reflection Phenomenon―
……Shinichi Inoue, Yukio Kotori and Masayuki Takishiro
Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan(38)
     83  Takasago Mill, Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited
……Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited
     91  65th JAPAN TAPPI General Meeting
     03  Committee report
     66  Essay on Intellectual Property
    114  Papyrus
    117  Industry News(Domestic and International)
    122  List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
    124  List of Patents issued and Laid―open Publication
    132  Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
    133  Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center
    135  Other Monthly Statistics
    137  News from the Association