Vol. 66, No. 5  Contents

Topics & Information
      1    Energy Conservation Effect by Grubbens Pulper of Cellwood Machinery AB
    …… Daisuke Inoue
      5    Energy Saving by Upgrading DDR Refiner
            - Result from Splined Upgrade Technology -
    …… Junichi Yano
      9    Fast Flash Mixing of Retention Aids and Starch with Filler before Paper Machine
            Cuts Production Costs and Reduces Environmental Load
…… Mitsuhiro Yamazaki and Jouni Matula
    15    The Application of the Multifunctional Cationic Polymers for Paper Chemicals
…… Naho Murata, Kenji Sakai, Hiroyuki Koshio, Shohei Mitsui and Yoshimi Yoshioka
    21    Novel PAM Based Dry Strength Resins
…… Hiroshi Suzuki and Hideo Baraki
    25    Pigment Optimization in Double Coated Board
    …… Chris Nutbeem, Tony Hirons, Tatsuya Narahara and Katsuhito Kawamitsu
    30    Start Up Report of Latest Machine for Art Paper Grade in Korea
…… Yasushi Tachikawa
    35    Application of Thermal Spray for Boiler
    …… Yuji Ueno and Naoki Endo
    38    Application of Screw Type Steam-powered Compact Generator for
           Medium Steam Pressure
           - New STEAM STAR Model MSEG 160M for 1.9MPaG Steam Use -
    …… Kozo Moriyama
    41    Development of Anisotropic Light Diffusion Sheet
           (Nano-Buckling Sheet) with LED Lighting
      …… Daisuke Nishigori
    45    A Report on“The Opinion Exchange Meeting with Patent Judges”
    47    Recent Developments in Patent Administration
    …… Yoshihiro Fuji
    58    Report of 2011 TAPPI PEERS Conference and International Pulp Bleaching Conference
    …… Koki Kisara and Tadafumi Hashimoto
    65    2011 Research Projects of Universities and Government Research Institutes
    …… Wood Science Committee, JAPAN TAPPI
Research Report (Original Paper)
    74    Development of a New Cooking System Using Highly Concentrated
           Polysulfide (V) - Effect of Anthraquinone Addition on PS Cooking of Hardwoods -
    …… Keigo Watanabe, Yasunori Nanri, Yasuhiro Okamoto,
Masahiro Shimizu and Hiroshi Ohi
Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan (35)
    86    - Oita Mill, Oji Paperboard Co., Ltd.-
    …… Oji Paperboard Co., Ltd.
    03    Committee report
    73    Coffee break
    92    Papyrus
    96    Industry News(Domestic and International)
  101    List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
  103    List of Patents issued and Laid—open Publication
  111    Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
  112    Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center
  114    Other Monthly Statistics
  116    News from the Association