February 2004

Papermaking Technology II

 Introduction of Advanced Metso Paper Technology into China        Hidehiko Yamazaki...(1)

 Treatment of Anionic Trash and Improved Retention/Dewatering
   -Improved Productivity of Paper Making-   Keiji Suruga, Jiayi Chen and Takashi Saigusa...(9)

 Closed System of Papermaking Machine and Wet-end Condition
                          Shigeru Kurose, Koichi Tadaki and Munetoshi Yamaji...(15)

 Wet End Chemistry and On-line Measurements       Hitoshi Nagao and Shigeru Motegi...(27)

 The Improvement of Production Efficiency by Stabilized Wet End
                         Tatsuya Sato, Masato Higashiyama and Keiichi Satou...(34)

 Operating Experience of POM System                         Takeshi Shirao...(38)

Topics & Information

 Operating Experience of High Pulp Consistency Ozone ECF BleachingShuuichiro Mochizuki...(43)

 Automatic Sheet Creating Unit for Sticky Contamination Monitoring
                                    Mineo Hashiba and Mitsuhiro Sugino...(49)

 Paper Counter Equipment                                Takao Shimatsu...(57)

 The Fully Automatic System for the Measurement of Dirt Count Characteristics of
  Chemical Pulp                                       Nobuo Oikawa...(64)

 Development of On-line Fiber Orientation Meter Based on the Light Guide Effect
                                       Yuji Abe and Hidenobu Todoroki...(70)

 Progressing Report by LCA/Environmental Label Working GroupMotoi Matsui         ...(76)

 Introduction of Research Laboratories                                  ...(39)

 Paper Industrial Research Center of Ehime Prefecture                        ...(84)

Research Report

 Surface Chemistry of Deinking Process
  -Effects of Nonionic Deinking Agents and Fatty Acids on Foaming Properties in Flotation
       Deinking of Old Magazine-              Shisei Goto and Takanori Miyanishi...(88)

 The Evaluation of Paper Sludge(PS)for Zeolite Synthesis(Part3)
   -Weekly Change of Chemical Composition of PS and the Aptitude for Zeolite Synthesis-
                    Takao Ando, Masato Saito, Shigeo Muramatsu, Kimio Hiyoshi,
                   Junsuke Haruna, Naoto Matsue, Teruo Henmi and Osamu Shimada...(98)

Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan(32)

 -Yatsushiro Mill, Nippon Paper Industries-Nippon Paper Industries                 ...(107)

Committee report                                                  ...(03)

Essay on Intellectual Property                                          ...(86)

Coffee break                                                      ...(87)

Papyrus                                                       ...(115)

Industry News(Domestic and International)                                 ...(119)

List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI                     ...(130)

List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication                             ...(133)

Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District                         ...(142)

Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center                          ...(143)

Other Monthly Statistics                                             ...(145)

News from the Association                                           ...(147)