December 2003

Papermaking Technology I

 Current State and the Future of Recovered Paper in Japan           Haruo Takayanagi...(2)

 The Latest Refining Technology
   -Low and High Consistency Refiner Coordinated with Stock Refining Characteristics-
                                                     Kazuo Aoshima...(20)

 A New Screening Concept and the Latest Mill Application in Thick Stock Screening
                         R. Rakohnen, Yosuke Takeshita and Hiroyuki Nagasawa...(31)

 The Highest Potentiality and Efficiency of Algas Microfilter
   -The Reference Report from Japanese Market-                  Yasuo Harikae...(38)

 Technical Trends for Stock Preparation Equipments                Toshikazu Miura...(46)

 POM System -Centrifugal Degassing and a Closed Hydraulic Wet End System Give
   Expected and Less Expected Benefits           P. O. Meinander and Joji Taketomi...(55)

 Advanced Stock Preparation and Wet End Process                   Junichi Miura...(65)

 OptiFeed-New Stock Preparation and Approach System   Akifumi Hatta and Jussi Ahola...(75)

 Optimized Deaeration Leads to Substantial Process and Quality Improvements in
   Paper Manufacturing                       Rainer Rauch and Kenichi Ishihara...(85)

 Features from Complete Plant                         ReferenceAndreas Sauer...(93)

Introduction of Research Laboratories(38)

 Laboratory of Energy Ecosystems, Department of Socio-Environmental Energy science,
  Graduate School of Energy Science,                         Kyoto University...(100)

Research Report

 The Structural Characteristics of High Molecular Weight Chlorolignin
   Produced by Chlorine Bleaching of Kraft Pulps
                      Hiroyuki Shintani, Yuji Matsumoto and Gyosuke Meshitsuka...(104)

 The Synthesis of Zeolite from Paper Sludge(PS)Associated with Its Carbonization
                    Takao Ando, Masato Saito, Shigeo Muramatsu, Kimio Hiyoshi,
                             Junsuke Haruna, Naoto Matsue and Teruo Henmi...(111)

Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan(31)

 -Rengo Co., Ltd. Amagasaki Mill-Rengo Co., Ltd.                           ...(120)

Committee report                                                ...(03)

Essay on Intellectual Property                                       ...(102)

Coffee break                                                  ...(103)

Papyrus                                                     ...(125)

Industry News(Domestic and International)                               ...(129)

List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI                   ...(141)

List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication                           ...(143)

Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District                       ...(154)

Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center                        ...(155)

Other Monthly Statistics                                           ...(157)

News from the Association                                         ...(159)