July 2003


 Oxidation of Carbohydrate and Lignin During ECF Bleaching Process      Yuji Matsumoto...(3)

 Ozone Bleaching and AHL-Stage Acid Treatment in a Modern Multichemical Bleach Plant
                            Tamio Fukuzawa, Pikka Olavi and Vehmaa Janne...(12)

 A Theoretical Basis for the Hot Chlorine Dioxide Bleaching Process and Mill Results
   from the First Installation                                Martin Ragnar...(21)

 Beneficial Improvement of Environmental Impacts by Elemental Chlorine-free Bleaching
   -Model Experiments and Mill Experience-         Hiroshi Ohi and Keiichi Nakamata...(31)

 The Situation of the Technology for the Reduction of COD from the Bleach Plant
   Lennart Meuller,                      Lillemor Holtinger and Muneo Sakamoto...(38)

 Operating Experience of ECF Bleaching with Xylanase Treatment        Takashi Oishi...(51)

 Operating Condition of Ozone ECF Bleaching                     Takao Suzuki...(57)

 Operating Experience of Improved ECF Bleaching Sequence            Shinichi Hara...(64)

 Scale Formation and Inhibition in ECF Bleaching Plant                Kenji Kowata...(70)

 Elemental Chlorine Free Bleaching Impact on Metal Management          Joe Konopa...(81)

 How to Control Scale Deposit Problems in ECF Bleach Plant         Hirotaka Tanabe...(88)

Topics & Information

 IGT's New Testing Machine                           Toshimichi Hashimoto...(94)

Research Report

 The Evaluation of Paper Sludge(PS)for Zeolite synthesis(Part1)
   -Optimal Mineral and Chemical Composition Range for Zeolite Synthesis-
                   Takao Ando, Masato Saito, Shigeo Muramatsu, Kimio Hiyoshi,
                            Junsuke Haruna, Naoto Matsue and Teruo Henmi...(101)

 Manufacturing of Magnetic Papermaking Pulp and Paper(Part4)
   -Micropore-Loading of Magnetite in the Cell Wall-            Katsuhisa Fujiwara...(112)

Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan

 -Sendai Mill, Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.-Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.        ...(118)

Committee report                                                ...(03)

Coffee break                                                  ...(100)

Papyrus                                                     ...(126)

Industry News(Domestic and International)                               ...(129)

List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI                   ...(140)

List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication                           ...(143)

Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District                       ...(153)

Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center                        ...(154)

Other Monthly Statistics                                           ...(156)

News from the Association                                         ...(158)