May 2003

Energy Saving

 Results of the Fifth Follow-up to JPA's Voluntary Action Plan and Report of Energy
   Situation in Pulp and Paper Industry in Japan                    Kunihiko Aida...(3)

 RPF:Its Present State and Future                           Katsushiro Seki...(15)

 New Technology and Operation Records of Kawasaki ICFB-type Boiler for RDF combustion
                                     Sadayuki Muto and Nobuo Suemitsu...(21)

 Development and Operation Results of Recycle Fuel Fired Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boiler
                                                 Tatsuo Yokoshiki...(29)

 Industrial Waste Combustion Boiler Installed at Paper Mill
   -Ebara Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler(ICFB) & Gasifier(ICFG)-
                                 Keisuke Tsukamoto and Norihisa Miyoshi...(41)

 Present Condition of New Energy PolicyYasuji Hamada...(50)

 Anaerobic Treatment System for Pulp Mill Waste Water              Shinji Hamada...(63)

 Experience of Energy Reclamation from Biomass at Oji Nichinan Mill
   -#1Boiler:Water Tube Stoker Type Boiler-                     Ryuma Iwata...(69)

 Utilizing In-process Wastes as Heat Source                      Mituharu Hase...(75)

 Energy Reclamation from Waste at Oji Tomakomai Mill(#1SLB:#1Sludge Boiler)
                                                  Taiki Fukuzawa...(80)

 Refused Sludge Fuel System                            Naomichi Tsuchida...(84)

 Operate a Boiler System Designed to Combust Paper Sludge in Combination with Chip Rubbish
   -Contribute to the Community, Conversion Fossil Fuel, and Reduce Energy Costs-
                                                Hiroyuki Hirakawa...(90)

 Operating Experience and Reconstruction of Paper Sludge Incinerator
                                       Yutaka Suzuki and Yoshiteru Kan...(99)

 NEDO Activities to Promote the Introduction of New Energy
                                  Kazuhiro Sugimoto and Nobuyuki Kawai...(104)

Topics & Information

 2002Research Projects of Universities and Government Research Institutes
  Wood Science Committee, JAPAN TAPPI                               ...(137)

Research Report

 Manufacturing of Magnetic Papermaking Fibers and Paper(PartIII)
   -Techniques to Make Magnetic Paper from Lumen-Loaded Pulps, and Physical
     Properties of the Magnetic Paper-     Katsuhisa Fujiwara and Masaaki Morikawa...(112)

 A Discrimination Method for Drawing Paper by Laser Displacement Sensor and Image Analysis
                     Hitomi Miyata, Masahiko Shimoyama and Makoto Shinozaki...(120)

Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan (24)

 -Shiraoi Mill, Nippon Paper Industries. Co. Ltd.-Nippon Paper Industries. Co., Ltd.       ...(128)

Committee report                                                 ...(03)

Coffee break                                                   ...(111)

Papyrus                                                      ...(144)

Industry News(Domestic and International)                                ...(146)

List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI                    ...(156)

List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication                            ...(158)

Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District                       ...(167)

Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center                         ...(168)

Other Monthly Statistics                                           ...(170)

News from the Association                                         ...(172)