June 2002

Topics & Information

 The Latest Demands for Waste Paper Treatment Technologies
   -Improvement of Recycling Fiber Characteristics, Appearance Quality,
   Further Energy Saving and Ash Removal to use Low Price Furnish-   Takeshi Kanazawa...(1)

 Improved Bleaching by Means of Fractional Washing with MCDD Washers
                         Tamio Fukuzawa, Kanji Hagiwara and Chiaki Kawakami...(11)

 Optimization and Control of Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching              Bertil Olsson...(21)

 Paper Strength Agents for Paper Board
   -The Effect of Paper Strength Agents in the Highly-Closed System-  Yuichi Hayashida...(27)

 Embedded Control Solutions -A New Approach to Paper Machine Controls
   That Improves Process Performance and Product Quality-
                                      Hideomi Uchikawa and Jiro Isobe...(35)

 Applications of Robot Technology to the Paper Making Industry           Koichi Kato...(40)

 New Development of QCS Integrated with Machine Monitoring System    Reijiro Nakano ...(48)

 Development of Automatic Watermark Drawing with Computer Systems
                     Kimio Hiyoshi, Katsumi Takada, Toshiyuki Onoda,
                     Katumi Kuboshima, Hiroshi Haneda and Masamichi Toyofuku...(56)

 The Maintenance Management System"eHOZEN"                  Masami Tabuse...(64)

 New Technology for Slimecontrol                    Takumi Sugi and Taro Iizumi...(69)

 FMT-IJ:Marketable Composite of Calcium Carbonate and Silica Directed for the Inkjet Industry 
                                                Hirotaka Uchiyama...(74)

 Present Status and Prospect of Pulp and Paper Industries in Thailand(Part1)
   -Structural Framework and Activities of Pulp and Paper Companies in Thailand-
                                               Yoshinari Kobayashi...(78)

 Sectioning Techniques of Paper for Observation and Analysis by Using OM, SEM and EPMA
   Sectioning Techniques for Scanning Electron Microscopy and Electron Probe Microanalysis
                                                 Tadahira Hamada...(85)

Introduction of Research Laboratories

 Laboratory of Functionality Control of Phytomaterials, Division of Forest Resources and the
  Environment, Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Mie University    ...(100)

Research Report

 Changes in Crystallinity and Re-swelling Capability of Pulp Fibers by Recycling Treatment
        Khantayanuwong Somwang, Toshiharu Enomae, Akira Isogai and Fumihiko Onabe...(103)

 Retention Aid Chemicals for High Speed Paper Machines
                                    Yasuyuki Kamijo and Takanori Miyanishi...(110)

Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan -Geibo Mill, Japan Paperboard Industries Co., Ltd.-
   Japan Paperboard Industries Co., Ltd.                                   ...(120)

Committee report                                                   ...(03)

Essay on Intellectual Property                                         ...(99)

Coffee break                                                     ...(102)

Papyrus                                                        ...(126)

Industry News(Domestic and International)                                ...(129)

List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI                    ...(140)

List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication                            ...(143)

Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District                       ...(155)

Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center                         ...(156)

Other Monthly Statistics                                             ...(158)

News from the Association                                           ...(160)